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Business Leadership Means Motivation
by Vic Bilson

In business, a leader cannot do all of the work alone. To accomplish set goals, business leadership requires communication, guidance and above all, motivation.

Motivating Through Influence

A leader has to find ways to allow his team to succeed. One way business leadership can accomplish that is to show the team that their need should match the organization’s needs. Success for a business means job security, raises, possibility for promotion, and pride for the employees. A leader can make sure that the employees see this truth. He can also ensure that the qualities of the organization are good, honest and contribute to society at large.

A business leader should acknowledge a good job done. Certainly mistakes are noticed and corrected and employees must have concrete reassurance that successes are also seen and appreciated. Everything from bonuses for big successes to a certificate or a personal thank you can encourage and motivate.

Good business leadership should lead by example. A leader should be the employee he wants his team members to become. Leaders should be willing to model the diligence, honesty and reliability that they want to see from their employees.

Motivating Through Support

The leaders in an organization set the moral tone, morale and team spirit whether they intend to or not. Successful business leadership is aware of this and sets out to establish the kind of consciousness in the business environment that is a reward to its employees.

Leaders do not work alone. Good business leadership makes room for a team in planning and problem-solving. This helps to grow new leaders under the watchful, experienced eye of the team leader. It allows the entire team to “own” the process while making communication easier. All members understand their place in the process if they had a hand in developing it. Working together also gives the leader a better chance to reward good ideas and successful work.

Working together helps a leader to truly know his team members. This will allow the leader to feel genuine concern for each one. If a leader understands the personal stake an employee has in the success of the organization, he can easily find ways to motivate.

Motivating Through Cooperation

Cooperation and team work depend on good communication skills. This is the leader’s responsibility. Good business leadership means making each job as challenging and meaningful as possible. Nothing is as motivating as meaningful work.

Leaders can’t choose perfect people for their teams. When an employee slips up and causes a problem, counsel him. Take him aside and find out why his behavior is unacceptable, then work with him to correct it. Good business leadership means successful motivation.

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